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Orange County Dental Bonding

Dental bonding in Orange County generally refers to the application of white filling material (composite) that is used to bond onto damaged or missing parts of the teeth to replace tooth structure. It can be a great option when the damage isn’t too extensive or severe.


Imagine braces without the metal brackets. It may be possible to have orthodontic treatment with a more modern technology. Instead of traditional metal brackets and wires placed, Invisalign provides clear trays (like a thin mouthguard) that can be used to move the teeth. Once every 2-3 weeks, a new tray is used which continues to move the teeth appropriately to whiten your smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Commonly just referred to as a root canal, this procedure is only done when absolutely necessary. Essentially there is a problem in the canal of your tooth which extends down the root. The canal needs to be cleaned of the infection and then filled to prevent reinfection of the area.

Dental Crowns

Somtimes referred to as a “cap”. There are various reasons for needing a crown but generally it is used to restore the entire tooth due to compromised tooth structure. A crown can be made out of different materials such as metal, porcelain, zirocnia and each has their strengths/weaknessses.

Same Day Crowns

With CAD/CAM (Cerec) technology, we are able to digitally scan your mouth. So instead of putting in an impression material to take a mold, we can take this digital scan which is much easier and more accurate, make it into a 3D computer model and design the crown in the computer.

Dental Consultation

We understand sometimes its difficult to fully comprehend why certain treatments are necessary and spend our time to explain the necessity and process of the treatment.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace 1-2 missing teeth normally. If you can imagine the space as a river, the dental bridge will attach the two teeth on either side, in this case, the land on either side of the river, to replace the missing area.

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Dental Services and Procedures

Dental Fillings

A filling is a restoration we use to replace a damaged part of the tooth, whether due to trauma or a cavity. We remove the infection or damaged part of the tooth, shape it so that it’ll have the best retention (staying on) and durability (strength for chewing), and then fill the area we worked on to restore the tooth back to its original condition. There are different types of filling materials, most common are metals (amalgam, gold), composite (plastic) or porcelain (glass). .

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are used to protect the teeth and gums from traumatic injuries during sport activities. I would always recommend anyone playing sports to wear a mouthguard, especially if its a physical sport. Traumatic injuries can happen anytime and it can cause tooth loss in the most extreme cases.

Digital Dental X-rays

More and more dental offices are using digital x-rays to examine the teeth and jawbones of the mouth. Digital x-rays are faster to develop (as they instantly appear on the computer screen), can be more easily adjusted on the computer to highlight the images and because the sensors are more sensitive to the radiation than traditional x-ray films, less radiation is needed.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t an officially recognized dental speciality but I view it as the opportunity to enhance a patient’s smile. The most important aspects of cosmetic dentistry is using the proper materials for durability while communicating with the patient in regards to exactly what would make him/her completely happy with their smile. Its also important to discuss any potential complications and anything may not just be possible with their teeth. For instance, sometimes teeth can be so misaligned that it would be difficult to correct the teeth with veneers or crowns. The patient may need braces/Invisalign to correct the bite/misalign first prior to reshaping and changing the colors of the teeth.

Preventative Dentistry

This is probably the most important and yet sometimes the most overlooked aspect of dentistry. Its important to prevent cavities and gum disease. While seeing your dentist every 6 months for a check and cleaning, brushing, flossing and general home care and diet play a major role in the formation of cavities or gum disease. Its valuable to find a dentist who will spend the time to thoroughly evaluate your oral health and not just focus on the needed treatment to get you back to health but also discuss the risk factors that may reduce your chances of future oral health problems.

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